Middletown Paving Project 2021-22

Current Updates as of April 29, 2022 - 

Paving Levy Project

Zone #4

Pavement milling has been completed.  The intermediate asphalt layer is currently being placed and will continue into next week.  Manhole and casting adjustment have begun.  This will be followed by final paving in the coming weeks.

Zone #5 and #6

Concrete curb and handicap ramp repairs are underway.

Zone #7

Coming soon.  Stay tuned for updates.

ODOT Urban Paving Project

Paving work continues on Verity Parkway between Tytus Ave. and Germantown Rd.  The contractor has begun placement of the final asphalt layer to be followed by pavement striping.  Be aware of daily lane closures.

2021 Annual Paving Program

Carryover work is being completed from last year.  This includes paving of 1st Avenue between Verity Pkwy. and University Blvd., Lefferson Road between Highland St. and Breiel Blvd. and North Ave. between University Blvd. and Shafor St.  Work will continue of the next several weeks.

March - 2022  

Work restarted on the 2021 – 22 Paving Levy Project in late March.  Asphalt milling began on Monday March 21, 2022 weather permitting in Zone #4 (see attached map). This will be followed by subgrade repairs then placement of intermediate and final asphalt courses. Work will generally start on the south side of Zone #4 then proceed north. Streets included in the project will be posted for no parking in advance. Pardon our progress!

2021 - 22 Paving Levy map of Zone 4 April update
2021 - 22 Paving Levy map of Zone 5 April update
2021 - 22 Paving Levy map of Zone 6 April update
2021 - 22 Paving Levy map of Zone 7 april update