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Why give away free trees?

A century ago, the tree canopy (defined as the layer of leaves, branches, and stems that provide tree coverage of the ground when viewed from above) of the world was adequate to keep up with the formation of CO₂. Now, because of fewer trees and more carbon emissions (CO₂ mostly) the global tree population can handle less than 1/4 of today’s CO₂ in the atmosphere.

  • Trees are “natural air conditioners” reducing residential energy costs.
  • Trees help clean the air by producing oxygen and reducing smog, thus enhancing a community’s respiratory health.
  • Trees provide economic benefits to communities. Homes landscaped with trees sell more quickly and are worth 5% to 15% more than homes without trees.

Tree loss is a concern shared by governments and nongovernmental organizations around the world. In the US one of the leading advocates for tree planting and protection is the Arbor Day Foundation. Celebrating over 50 years, the Foundation works with municipalities to advance the cause of tree growth and health. The Foundation conducts its work through, among other things, the Tree City USA program. Tree City USA provides advice and training to municipalities throughout the US. 

The City of Middletown is committed to playing its part in increasing the population of trees. As of 2012, Middletown had about 19% of its 26.4 square mile area covered by its tree canopy. It is likely that the tree canopy has declined since 2011 due to additional clear-cut development and the decline of native ash trees due to the invasive and destructive emerald ash borer.
 The City of Middletown can increase the tree canopy in two ways: add more trees to city-owned property or add more trees to private property. The City of Middletown plants trees on public property as available, but often public space must often meet many other needs such as traffic viability clearance and recreational open space for sports. In contrast, a great deal of private property has open space that can accommodate many trees.