Special Event Permits

Planning or hosting an event in Middletown? City approval is required for:

Event List

Events requiring a permit include:
  • 5K marathon on City streets and/or in a park
  • Car show in a park or City owned parking lot
  • Concert at Governor's Square
  • Festival at Smith Park
  • Organized basketball tournaments at a park
  • Parades on City streets
  • Soccer team try-outs at a park
  • Youth activity program at a park
  • Weddings
  • Other 


The application and instructions for obtaining a permit can be viewed on the Special Events Permit Application (PDF). A $25 application nonrefundable fee is required. Permits must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the proposed event. If the application is not submitted within the allotted time, your permit may be denied. This allows the City to schedule services prior to your event. A proof of certificate of insurance is required for all special events. If you have any questions regarding special event permits, please contact Nicole Clark at 513-425-7940 or email.