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Notice is hereby given that; there will be a Special Meeting of the Middletown City School District Board of Education on Thursday, January 20 beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Robert “Sonny” Hill Jr. Community Center, 800 Lafayette Avenue, Middletown, OH. This meeting will be comprised of the newly appointed Community Center Expansion Committee, which includes two Middletown City School Board and two Middletown City Council members, and 10 at-large community members selected by the Middletown City School Board and Middletown City Council.

The purpose of this committee is to work towards the development of expanding the existing Robert “Sonny” Hill Jr. Community Center or building a new community center at 800 Lafayette Avenue, Middletown, OH. The committee is also charged with the necessary programming for the expanded or new center. Action may be taken at this meeting.

Press Release (1/20/2022):
The City recently became aware that a certain, rare file type was not captured in searches of the City’s email server when records were being gathered to respond to public records requests. The City is only aware of one public records request that this affected and it has since entirely fulfilled that request. While the City does not believe this would have affected other public records request responses, if you believe that your request may not have been completely fulfilled, please reach out to the Law Department and we can determine whether your response was affected by this issue. The City always endeavors to be transparent and apologizes for any issues this has caused.
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