Boil Water

Water Boil Advisory

When a water main break or other situation occurs in which any portion of the water system experiences a loss of pressure below 20 PSI, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) recommends that a Boil Advisory be issued to all affected customers within 24 hours of the occurrence. As soon as the affected area is identified, the notification procedure begins.

Please keep in mind that although boil advisories can be inconvenient, they are a safeguard for you. The majority of boil advisories issued are lifted within 26-36 hours. The City of Middletown is dedicated to keeping our customers informed of any issues that affect the safety of the water system.

Notification Methods

Any or all of the following methods can be used to notify affected sections of the City:
  • City maintenance crews attaching a notice on each door.
  • Automatic email notices to those who sign up for the service.
  • Media release to local newspapers, radio stations, television stations and TV Middletown.
  • Phone call to all affected schools, nursing homes, etc. - identified critical water users.
  • City website - Current News
Water Main Break


The areas affected by boil advisories are determined by our staff using knowledge of valve locations, pressure zones, and connections to the mains. Not all houses in a neighborhood will be on any one water circuit.

What This Means

Water boil advisories mean that water used for consumption (food preparation, drinking, brushing teeth, etc.) be boiled vigorously for at least one minute. Water used for purposes other than consumption (bathing, washing dishes, etc.) does not need to be boiled.


Animals often consume water containing microorganisms (such as streams or puddles) with no adverse health effects, so it is not necessary to boil the water give pets. Consult a veterinarian concerning the need to boil water for very young pets or those with a serious medical condition.