2023 Spring Tree Giveaway

Registration is now closed. 

Res. Full Tree Giveaway

Reservations are full. Thank you for all your participation!

All trees available for the 2023 Spring Tree Giveaway have been reserved and the reservation site is now closed. We wish we could give trees to EVERYONE, but sadly we are limited to a certain amount. If registration filled up before you could snag a spot, we encourage you to join our

waiting list!

At the end of the event, we frequently have trees that are not picked up but still need a home. After the last pickup time, we allow waiting list participants to enter the event and choose from the leftover trees. They are limited to one per household and are first come, first served.

About the Event

As a part of the City’s Arbor Day celebration the City of Middletown and Keep Middletown Beautiful are giving away free trees to help build and strengthen the city's tree canopy. This program allows the City to provide trees at a $75 value to Middletown property owners at no cost.

The "tree canopy" is a term used to describe how many trees and how much coverage they provide to offset the impacts of air pollution, the urban heat island effect, residential energy demands, and stormwater management.

Just one large canopy deciduous tree, such as an oak or sycamore, can help control 400 to 1,000 gallons of stormwater through canopy interception. This benefits homeowners by adding shade, beauty, reducing soil erosion, and managing flooding from rainfall.

This event is available to Middletown residents who live within the city limits. Approximately 120 residential property owners will receive one free tree, per City of Middletown address, on a first-come, first-served basis.

The goal of the giveaway is to increase the city’s overall tree canopy on residential property (commercial property is not eligible for this program), promote a healthier environment and improve the physical appearance and visual character of the built environment.

The 2023 Tree Giveaway is hosted by the City of Middletown and Keep Middletown Beautiful. The event was made possible with support from Pilot Chemical Company, OKI Regional Council of Governments, and Natorp’s Landscape Supply. 

Special thanks to funding sponsor Pilot Chemical Company for donating $5000 for these great trees!

To learn more, view the Community Tree Giveaway Frequently Asked Questions (PDF). 

  1. Benefits of Trees
  2. 2023 Tree Species
  3. Planting Tips

Trees Are Terrific!

Planting new trees enhances Middletown's urban canopy and helps our city thrive! Trees are vital for sustainable community growth, economic vitality, and public health.

Middletown needs new trees to:

  • Increase property values
  • Boost consumer spending
  • Encourage outdoor physical activity
  • Beautify neighborhoods and public spaces
  • Lower energy consumption of homes and businesses

Check out Arbor Day Foundation's Tree Facts webpage for more information!

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