Those students interested in completing their internship with the City of Middletown Health Department will be required to submit a completed a letter of interest and an updated resume. Students meeting necessary requirements will be selected for an interview. After all possible candidates have been interviewed, the selection process will begin. Those selected will receive an internship offer, which may be accepted or denied. Currently, the City of Middletown internships are unpaid experiences.


Public health professionals are increasingly in high demand, and the field is currently experiencing a number of new trends. An internship can help further advance your skill set and prepare you for career advancement. An internship can help boost your career by giving you the opportunity to: 

Practice applying skills and knowledge learned in the classroom 

Acquire skills and knowledge useful to your career 

Interact with technical experts in the field 

Contribute to a project of public health importance 

Increase professional self-awareness and accumulate experience to help enhance job competence following completion of the academic program. 

Contact Nancy McKillop, Accreditation Coordinator, City of Middletown Health Department via email at
with your letter of interest and updated resume for consideration.