Health Department


    The City of Middletown Health Department's Mission is to Promote and Protect          the health and well being of all Middletown residents.


    A connected and healthy community in which to work, live and play.




: A healthy community with a strong sense of unity among its members. A desire     to belong and help one another is necessary for all to feel safe, connected and     invested.


: Respect for all people and property encourages community members to feel     valued and welcomed. Differences should be expected and embraced.


ealthy Lifestyle: Adequate opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle include access to     comprehensive wellness and preventative health care, substance abuse prevention and     treatment, nutritious foods, safe clean neighborhoods, parks, trails and recreational     activities for all ages and physical abilities.


: Regular kind and caring interactions among members are essential in order     to foster compassion and empathy.


ducation: Access to health information and opportunities for education improves     awareness of healthy behaviors, health promotion and available resources.

Health Department Services

    Services are provided in accordance with State of Ohio statutes and Ohio Public Health     Council.


    The City of Middletown Health Department does not offer immunizations at this time.     For a list of alternate locations, please see the following link


Vital Statistics

    Vital Statistics Division will provide, for $25 each, birth certificates from anywhere in     the State of Ohio and death certificates for deaths occurring in the City limits of     Middletown.

    Birth & Records 

    The Vital Statistics division of the Health Department provides certified copies of Birth     records for all Ohio counties and Death records for deaths occurring in the within the     City limits of Middletown. There is a $25 per certificate charge. Certificates will be sent     via U.S. Mail. Expedited services are available, for an additional fee. 

Environmental Health Division

    The Environmental Health Division of the City of Middletown Health Department     assures a safe and healthy environment by monitoring and licensing all food related     facilities; restaurants, grocery stores, vending locations, mobile units and temporary     events, like the Ohio Balloon Challenge. We investigate food borne illnesses within the     City limits. We have responsibilities regarding private water supplies, new installation     inspections of on-site sewage systems and surveys. We monitor school environments,     tattoo and body piercing establishments, as well as, inspecting the City jail. We     investigate animal bites for our Rabies Control Program. We license and monitor all     public pools (apartment complexes, health clubs, etc.) We are involved with emergency     response planning and emergency response training activities. Additionally, we     provide Smoking Ban enforcement as mandated by Ohio State Law.

Health Education

The City of Middletown Health Department provides information to the community regarding a wide variety of health issues, environmental food safety and health and wellness programs. Contact the department for further information.