Civil Service Commission

About the Commission

Council shall appoint three electors who shall constitute the Civil Service Commission.

Civil Service Commission meets the 3rd Thursday of every month, as needed at 8 a.m. in Conference Room 2C in the City Building. 


The Middletown Civil Service Commission will hold a Special Meeting on Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. in Conference Room 2C of the City Building, One Donham Plaza, Middletown, Ohio. The meeting is for general purposes, and to reschedule the regular meeting. The regular September meeting for the month is cancelled. 


Name Address Zip Code Term Expires
01 Becker, Bill 4738 Longford Drive 45042 2023
02 Brickley, Tom 539 Cedarwood Court 45042 2021
03 Batliner, Kathleen 1790 S. Breiel Blvd. 45042 2023
Sauer, Kay One Donham Plaza 45042