Architectural Review Board

About the Board

The Architectural Review Board reviews proposed single-family house plans to determine compliance within the Architectural standards. The Board consists of representatives of City Council and Planning Commission.

Architecture Review Board meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis.

The Board shall consist of 3 members; one shall be a member of City Council and two shall be members of the City Planning Commission. The Director of Planning shall serve as the Secretary.

Name Address Zip Code Term Expires
01 Gross, Gary 4909 Shannon Way 45042 2021
02 McCauley-Myers, David 308 S. Main Street 45042 2021
Nenni, Monica One Donham Plaza 45042 City Council Rep.
Combs, Ashley One Donham Plaza 45042 Secretary
Moore, Todd 1808 Schirm Drive 45042 ALTERNATE