Filing Landlord / Tenant Issues


Landlord/tenant issues are filed in the civil division of the Municipal Court. A request for damages or a counterclaim is limited to $15,000. In general, the trial procedure is similar to cases filed in the regular civil docket. Since evictions are specific statutory procedures, there are some differences in scheduling. The clerk will advise you of those differences at the filing of the complaint.

The jurisdiction is the same as for other civil cases. A landlord is required to have an attorney if the owner of the rental property is someone other than an individual.

Filling Fees


Filing fees are $115 for one defendant and $20 for each additional defendant.

Eviction Procedure Packet


The Eviction Procedure Packet (PDF) is available which contains forms and instructions for filing an eviction action. This packet also contains forms for requesting a continuance, request for a writ of restitution and dismissal of the action.