Filing a Claim

The Civil Court is designed to handle claims up to a maximum amount of $15,000. Most people who file a claim use the services of an attorney. This is a very formal process and does require a thorough knowledge of the law. You may sue for monetary damages, including pain and suffering in some cases.

Plaintiff & Defendant

The person filing the claim is referred to as the plaintiff. The defendant is the person against whom the claim has been filed. The defendant must live in the jurisdiction or the basis of the complaint must have arisen in this jurisdiction, which is City of Middletown, Trenton, Madison Township, and Lemon Township. The claim must be filed either in person or by mail at:

Middletown Municipal Court

One Donham Plaza

Middletown, Ohio 45042.


Criminal Complaint Process 

  1. Most criminal complaints are filed with the court by a police officer or private citizen.
  2. An affidavit is prepared by the court stating the alleged offense.
  3. This affidavit is sworn to by the complainant on the case and a summons or warrant is then issued.

Witness Information 

Witnesses play an integral role in the criminal justice system. Witnesses are needed to corroborate testimony or to give testimony as to acts that occurred in their presence. Witnesses are usually issued a subpoena to appear in court on a case. A subpoena compels the witness to appear in court and give testimony. Failure to honor a subpoena (appear in court) may result in the court issuing a contempt warrant for the witnesses arrest.

When arriving at the court, please enter the courtroom and check in with the bailiff. If you have special concerns as a witness please bring these to the bailiff's attention and he will attempt to assist you. After the case is heard the court will excuse you. If you are in need of proof that you were present in court, ask the bailiff and you will be provided with a letter.