Responsibilities of the Fire Dept. Training Bureau include: 

  • Recruit Training: The Training Bureau provides a four week orientation for all new hires. After the four week orientation is complete the department releases the probationary firefighters to one of the three platoons.
  • Probationary Firefighter Training: Following the three week orientation probationary firefighter are required to complete a 12-month probationary period. During the 12-month probationary period new firefighters are given a monthly written evaluations. The evaluations and probationary period include skills that must be mastered. The Training Bureau is responsible for test development, test administration and all associated record keeping.
  • Certified Fire Safety Inspector Training: All Middletown fire officers are required to certify as Fire Inspectors for the State of Ohio and the City of Middletown.
  • Monthly Departmental Training: The Training Bureau coordinates and supervises the monthly departmental training.
  • Engine and Tower Certification: The Training Bureau also develops and oversees the testing for all members to certify as engine and tower operators.
  • Daily Training: The Training Bureau also assists in the development of daily company training.
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