Special Services

Special Technical Rescue and Hazardous Materials

Firefighting and emergency medical services are not the only emergencies that the Middletown Division of Fire answers. Hazardous materials, confined spaces and high angle emergencies are all incidents we must prepare for.

Hazardous Materials Response Unit

The Hazardous Materials Response Unit is one of three teams within Butler County that responds to these emergencies. Whether it is as simple as a fuel leak from a tanker or a large chemical spill from an industrial facility, The Middletown Division of Fire is prepared to begin mitigating the situation.

Confined Space Team

Along with Hazardous Materials, the Confined Space Team is trained and equipped to rescue those who may become trapped in below grade trenches, holes or oxygen deficient environments. Numerous hours of training are required by team members to maintain these levels of proficiency.

High-Angle Operations or Rope Rescue

At some time, it may be necessary to assist an injured or trapped person from a location out of the reach of our ladders. In these cases, High-Angle operations or Rope Rescue may be needed to evacuate the injured or trapped. A complicated anchoring and hoisting system is set-up to gain access to, provide treatment for and bring victims to safety.
Firefighters Hard at Work
Firefighter in Man Hole