Our Mission

The mission of the Middletown Division of Police is to protect and serve the public with honor, integrity, and professionalism. We shall work in partnership with our citizens to keep Middletown a safe place in which to live, work, and visit.


The 120 members of the Middletown Division of Police are dedicated to public service and the safety of Middletown's citizens and businesses.


A nationally accredited police organization, Middletown officers take pride in responding quickly and efficiently to the needs and expectations of the public. The departmental goal is to safeguard the constitutional rights of all citizens, including those prosecuted for crimes, to reduce crime, arrest offenders, recover stolen property, maintain the public peace and ensure the safe use of the City's roadways. Police Department employees are held to the highest professional standards, both on and off duty.

Community Safety

Police officers are dedicated to increasing the level of professionalism and ensuring that all citizens can feel safe in any neighborhood. A high priority is placed on seeing that students are safe traveling to and from, and while attending schools. Discrimination is not tolerated and criminals or those who prey on the innocent will know and realize the consequences of their actions.

Operation Hours

The Police Division operates 24 hours a day and provides uniformed patrol, conducts criminal investigations, dispatches for both Middletown Divisions of Police and Fire, provides Emergency 911 service for Middletown and surrounding communities, operates a full service jail, and assigns school resource officers.

Adapt to Change

Homeland Security and the ever-changing 21st century world demands that law enforcement adapt and change to meet those needs. Middletown Division of Police constantly seeks new and better methods of protecting the community.

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