What do I do if I am called for jury duty?
As a citizen of a free country, your service as juror in the judicial system is essential for maintaining impartial justice. Jury duty has been an important part of our legal system for over two centuries. Jurors are selected randomly from our community. A trial to a jury provides a defendant in a criminal or civil case the opportunity to present information for a determination by the people of the Middletown area. If you are called upon to serve, we anticipate you will recognize the importance of the Juror in the honest discharge of justice.

When you arrive at the court, please park in the South lot. The Municipal Court is located on the main level of the city building. When arriving please enter the courtroom and check in with the bailiff.

Upon being called to jury duty, you will be subject to questioning by the judge and trial attorneys. This questioning is Voir Dire (pronounced "vore deer"). Voir Dire is an opportunity to explore your appropriateness for this particular trial. You may be asked questions that seem personal. The questions are not meant to embarrass but to provide information for the final selection of the panel of jurists. You may be excused "for cause" or "peremptory challenges." Jurors who are excused for one case may still be eligible to sit on another.

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