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    Impeccable timing. Need I say more?

    Apr 10, 2019 by Prowule (24 points)

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  2. Dog park

    The land where Roosevelt elementary school used to be would be a great dog park. I have to drive out of town to go to a dog park. That land isnt being used and just needs some gates put up and it...

    Sep 26, 2018 by Rachael Clay (5 points)

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  3. Mini ice cream shop with a patio where the Pink Panther used to be

    It would give the kids in the neighborhood somewhere to go get an ice cream and little tables where the concrete is. Leave the grass for looks. It's good to finally see grass on that end of the...

    Nov 2, 2018 by Pink (10 points)

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  4. tiny house

    Tiny house for homeless and also look this program in florida...something can our city can learn and work on

    Apr 26, 2021 by lourdes cordero (5 points)

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  5. Repave Bonita Dr. starting from Roosevelt going East to Breiel Blvd

    Every winter there are very large potholes. One is at the end of my driveway and there are several just a few feet away from driveway. Fillling them in is not working! It's makes it difficult to...

    Feb 7, 2019 by LSmith (5 points)

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