Public Records

The City of Middletown has partnered with NextRequest to manage the public records requests that the City of Middletown receives. NextRequest is a third party website that will allow citizens to submit public records requests to staff within a portal. Once the request comes in, staff can work on the request, ask for clarification, and submit documents to fill the request. 

All public records request with the City of Middletown will now be made through NextRequest. If you would like to submit a public records request, following this link.

While NextRequest will help the City of Middletown organize and manage public records requests, please keep in mind that some requests may take longer to fill depending on the nature of the request. NextRequest is merely a tool to help the City of Middletown take in and fill record requests as efficiently as possible.

The cost for record requests is $0.05 for each page over 10 pages, $0.25 for CD’s, and $1.00 for DVD’s. If you are requesting digital only files then there will not be a cost associated with your record request.

Below is a copy of the 2022 Sunshine Manual. Our Police follow the guidelines in this manual when filling out requests. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this documentation when making a public records request.