Public Comment Period 7.19.21

Check out the presentation and directions below!

Comment period closed August 1st, follow up to be posted soon!

We’re excited to share an update on the progress of the Middletown Parks Master Plan. We are now in the third and final phase of the project which focuses on documenting the vision for parks and recreation over the next ten years in narrative form.  The master plan has incorporated the feedback and input received from stakeholders through surveys and advisory group meetings over the course of the project and has drafted a written document outlining the vision and goals for parks and recreation in Middletown. The draft document has been vetted with the advisory groups and as a final step, is ready for review and comment by the public. This feedback will be implemented into the final document that will go before the Parks Board for recommendation to the City Council before being adopted.

Before finalizing the document, we need your help. We’re asking Middletown residents to review the draft document and provide input. Directions are included below. The document is organized into chapters that walk readers through the process of the project. As you review there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Master plans are high-level visioning documents. They provide a vision and goals to guide the community.
  • More detailed park improvements are undertaken as next steps after the master plan.
  • More detailed information and costs will be included in the Action Plan matrix that will be included in the appendix of the final document. This will identify immediate needs, basic improvements and aspirations for system-wide elements and at every park site. This is being developed based on Parks staff observations, the Project Team’s inventory, and community priorities and concerns.
  • As priorities are being identified, we are looking through an equity lens based on the feedback we’ve received from the community.
  • Images are low resolution for easy distribution. Some images will look grainy in this view (that’s OK). The maps and concepts have been tested/vetted and incorporate feedback, so we’re looking for your review on narrative and not images/graphics.   
  • All images, graphics and figures will be at a high resolution for the final deliverable. It will be available online through the project website when complete.

We will meet with the Parks Board on August 26 where we will ask for recommendation to the City Council at the September 7, 2021 Council meeting.


Directions for reviewing and commenting:

  1. Open the document at this link: 
  2. Enter your name and “Continue as guest” to insert comments
    directions 1
  3. Click on the comment icon found at the top of the document (identified by the red box in this view) ...directions 2...and place comments at the areas where you want to share information or provide recommendations for the project team’s consideration.directions 3
  4. Finally, type your comments in the comment box.directions 4While we are not be able to respond to each question/comment individually, your input is helpful in finalizing the Parks Master Plan document and we appreciate your input.