Public Input Survey 3.31.21 Results

Thank you everyone for your participation!

We’re excited to share the results of the projects second public input opportunity!. There were 360 participants who shared their priorities for parks and recreation in Middletown in the project’s second survey, and 259 Middletown High School students who told us what they want the future of Middletown’s parks to look like. Responses are summarized below and can be checked out here!

Exploration Phase Survey Summary

Overall, respondents feel a connected park system is a priority and that off-road trails separated from vehicle lanes are a desired way to connect park sites. Additionally, the responses from the second survey confirmed the sentiments expressed during the first survey: that Middletonians want to improve basic needs in parks including playground features, making parks accessible to all abilities, improving safety and security, updating sport courts and fields, and connecting park amenities through internal paths.

There are aspirations for Middletown’s parks including adding support structures like restrooms, upgrading existing shelters, adding a dog park, planting a variety of landscapes to enhance habitat and reduce maintenance, and integrating public art. These are not to be ignored, but the basic needs should be prioritized first.

We also heard from 259 Middletown High School students about what types of programming they would like to see in parks (festivals, concerts, movies took the top spots) and what potential future enhancements they would prioritize (playgrounds, aquatics, athletic fields/courts, dog park, and increased accessibility were the top five responses).

We are excited to continue this process and thank you for your continued interest, feedback and support on this exciting project for Middletown!
Exploration Survey Summary 1

Exploration Survey Summary 2