Expedient & Cost-Effective Logistics


Middletown has readily available transportation, including interstates, air, rail and waterways-making for easy and efficient businesses connections. This first-class transportation reduces the cost of doing business and improves efficiencies and profits by providing easy access to profitable markets.

Location Benefits

Middletown benefits from a central location and world-class industry access to customers and suppliers via:
  • Interstate 75 at the newly redeveloped SR 122 Interchange
  • Two international airports within 60 minutes
  • Two major intersecting rail lines (Norfolk Southern and CSX)
  • Five state routes
  • One-day trucking drive time to 20 major metro markets
  • The Ohio and Great Miami Rivers for shipping
  • Middletown Regional Airport
Trucks Driving on the Road
Interstate 75 is the region's main artery for commuters, travelers and truckers. Cars per day per ODOT (2010):
  • I-75 (both directions)-88,710
  • SR 122-23,500

Water Transportation

Middletown also has easy access to the Great Lakes and Ohio River. Shipping rates are very affordable year-round due to the moderate weather, heavy industrial areas and amount of manufacturing in the state.

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