Middletown Historical District

Historical Attractions

A slice of Middletown's rich historic heritage remains intact today and is prominently displayed within the two historic districts. The South Main Street District contains the Sorg Mansion and John Tytus House. These are just two of the historical attractions located within the district that are listed on the National Historic Register of Historic Places. As you stroll down along South Main Street, you will be amazed at the architectural style and the history behind each house. In the early 1900s, the area was where the affluent merchants and prominent civic leaders that shaped the future of Middletown took up residence.
Planning Historic

Housing Style

Recently the Middletown City Council designated the Highlands Historic District which contains a rich variety of architectural styles constructed mostly in the early 20th century. The district contains the original homes of many of Middletown's most prominent merchants and industrialists.

Historic Preservation Plan

In 1978, the City adopted the Historic Preservation Plan, a framework under which any variety of needs and interests involving historic preservation can fit into some course of action. This plan provides guidance and direction to the interest of preserving the heritage of Middletown.