Building Inspections

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The Building Inspection Division administers several codes that provide the citizens of Middletown the minimum standards for the construction of safe buildings and promote a high quality of life, health and welfare. Among these codes are building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical.

Building Codes

The building code sets the minimum safety standards for all aspects of building construction:
  • Electrical
  • Fire
  • Mechanical systems
  • Plumbing
  • Structural
Building codes provide local government with a way to guard the public's personal safety. Permits and inspections are necessary to verify that code standards are met. Codes apply whether a professional contractor or a "do-it-yourselfer" does the work.


Permits are required for new construction, additions, alterations and remodeling, including swimming pools, decks and sheds. The Residential Code of Ohio regulates the construction of one, two and three-family residential dwellings and accessory buildings. All other types of buildings are regulated by the Ohio Building Code.

Construction / Remodel Work

When construction or remodeling work is complete, an inspector approves the final project and issues a certificate of occupancy. This certificate formally marks the completion of the project and changes the project from a construction site to the use for which the permit was issued.

License Contractors

The Building Inspection Division is also required to license all contractors who install, replace or alter electric, heating, air conditioning, plumbing systems, water services, and sewer installations. Anyone who needs to hire the services of a contractor can obtain a list of license holders from the Building Inspection office. Building Inspection Division encourages anyone who is contemplating a building project to contact them about the code requirements and numbers of sets of plans that must be submitted. Please contact us for more information.

Email Notifications

The Division of Building Inspections can now notify via email when a permit is finalized or in violation. To request email notification send us your name, email address, and address for the permit.