Message From the Mayor

As Middletown's first directly elected Mayor under the new city charter, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the City of Middletown!

You will find that Middletown is a great community with a rich history and a bright future. From the early days of the Miami-Erie Canal, to the hey-day of the railroad era, and into the age of the information super-highway, Middletown has experienced growth and opportunity. Much of Middletown's history centers around manufacturing including steel and paper. Today, Middletown is fortunate to be the home of the new Atrium Medical Center, expanding the frontier of healthcare and technology.

In 12-2007 the Atrium Medical Center at the Premier Health Campus opened with much fanfare. This is the foundation for a healthcare and education development at State Route 122 and Interstate 75. The development and growth opportunities will continue for many years. Atrium's predecessor, Middletown Regional Hospital, served the community for 90 years; I look forward to the continued development at the new campus.

Larry Mulligan Jr., Mayor

Larry Mulligan, Jr.
The City of Middletown is also well positioned between Cincinnati and Dayton. Both are within a half-hour drive. At I-75 and with access to two international airports, plus our own general aviation airport, Middletown Regional Airport, Middletonians have many transportation options. Another part of our future includes additional commercial development on the east side of Middletown. A "Smart Office" (LEED Certified) complex is now under construction; developed in conjunction with Al Neyer, Inc., this facility will provide Class-A commercial office space to meet the increasing needs of the surrounding area.

Middletown is home to over 51,600 people and offers many amenities to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors. A thriving park system supports a wide variety of activities for folks of all ages. From walking and bike paths and a skate board complex, to splash pads and an Olympic size pool, to tennis and basketball courts and many ball fields, the city's parks provide benefits to all. Middletown is also home to many different neighborhoods and a wide range of homes at great values.

Middletown is home to a number of arts groups, including the Middletown Arts Center, Middletown Symphony, the Sorg Opera Company, Middletown Lyric Theater and the Art Central District. There are a number of festivals and entertainment venues for residents. These include the new Broad Street Bash, a summer time food and music festival; Middfest International, a regional event honoring international countries and cultures; as well as regular events hosted by the many different organizations in the city.

If you are considering Middletown as a place to live, work or visit, I invite you to contact me or the City staff for more information on the great things happening in our community. For those residents of Middletown, please remember I am at your service to help you enjoy the many benefits here in our city.


Lawrence Mulligan, Jr.