Vol. 5, Issue 1 | Spring 2016

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Jennifer Ekey Jennifer Ekey
Economic Development
Matt Eisenbraun Matt Eisenbraun
Economic Development
Assistant Director
Alexis Fitzsimmons Alexis Fitzsimmons
Economic Development
Assistant Director

Larry Mulligan Jr., Mayor
Dora Bronston, Council Member
Steve Bohannon, Council Member
Talbott Moon, Council Member
Daniel Picard, Council Member
Amy Schenck, Clerk of Council
Doug Adkins, City Manager

City of Middletown
One Donham Plaza
Middletown, OH 45042
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Business Spotlight

Western Environmental Corporation: ‘Middletown Stimulating Business Growth’

In a recent interview with Mike White, Co-owner and Division Manager for Sales and Engineering for Western Environmental Corporation, he shared his thoughts on doing business in Middletown.

How does Western Environmental benefit from its Middletown location?

White: The City of Middletown has been very central for us, very supportive. We have been here for more than 20 years. A lot of our business was originally centered around the region’s automotive and aerospace industries. Today, we do business coast to coast and globally, traveling throughout the United States and overseas. Our Middletown location gives us ready access to good airports and good highways to get us to our destinations.

Installation for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, Texas
Installation for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, Texas

Tell us a little about what Western Environmental does.

White: It’s an interesting business. For example, space satellites are assembled in clean rooms built by Western Environmental. We also do precision metrology laboratories, which are spaces used for high-accuracy measurement equipment. Anything and everything used today has been measured at some point, and some parts and components are manufactured at very close tolerances. We’re talking accuracies in the nanometer range, where the change in temperature has an effect through thermo-expansion—you change the temperature of the component and it will either expand or contract, which alters the accuracy of your measurement. Our company provides very stable environments, so clients can get the accurate measurements they are looking for.

Lockheed Martin Installation supports the manufacturing of the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter

Lockheed Martin installation supports the manufacturing of the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter

How do you view Middletown’s position regionally?

White: Over the years, we’ve seen good progress in Middletown in trying to bring in and change the formation of the City. They work hard to bring in other companies in different industries, attracting more high-tech businesses, which seems to be the focal point of most business expansions these days. Certainly for this general vicinity, Middletown is working very hard on keeping this the aerospace corridor, and they are working hard to attract more businesses along that line. There is a lot that’s taking place right now, and Middletown seems to be doing a good job in stimulating business growth.

Western Environmental Snapshot

Location: 6820 Roosevelt Avenue

Employees and Revenues: 15 Employees and about $6 million in annual revenues

Services and Products: Design, construction and certification of specialized enclosures requiring very tightly controlled spaces, such as environmental chambers, clean rooms and metrology labs

Customers: Military, aerospace, micro-electronics, heavy equipment, automotive components manufacturing, pharmaceutical/medical, research universities and others

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